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Volume Booster for Headphones

Mods Volume Booster for Headphones
  • Updated
  • Version 3.1.0
  • Size 9.8 MB
  • Requirements Android 4.4
  • Developer Prometheus Interactive LLC
  • Genre Music & Audio
  • Google Play
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Audio Booster for Headphones app is not just an audio booster amplifier; it’s a headphone equalizer and bass booster that puts you in control of your music journey. 🎵🎧

Say goodbye to generic sound profiles and hello to a realm where every note, beat, and melody is finely tuned to your preferences.

In the Headphone equalizer app – Any brand and model is supported!

The headphone Equalizer app is not your average audio booster for headphones; it’s a masterclass in boosting your music to new heights. Upgrade your listening experience with a powerful volume booster for headphones that brings out the full potential of your headphones.

Choose how to use headphone equalizer and bass booster – automatically or manually.

Just start the audio booster for headphones and forget about it by activating the Autogenre function. The Headphone Equalizer app will retrieve the current artist genre.

Volume booster for headphones features:
🎧 Headphone stash: add as many headphones as you want!
🎧 Headphone equalizer and bass booster: measure frequencies and sound intensity to adjust the equalization.
🎧 Audio booster amplifier: set a base equalization to adapt the sound experience.
🎧 Audio booster for headphones is Online: register to the app and start uploading your headphones profiles and custom equalization to share, save on the cloud, and download.
🎧 Volume booster for headphones: use the knobs to achieve the perfect sound for your ears.
🎧 Audio booster amplifier: use the three knob for a total audio control!
🎧 Autogenre: retrieve the current song genre and switch equalization according to it.
🎧 Integrated music player and system volume control: manage the system volume and the default music player without leaving the headphone equalizer app.
🎧 Quick notification access: use the notification to quickly change the current equalization in the volume booster for headphones.
🎧 Custom headphone equalizer and bass booster: add your equalization to the headphone list.
🎧 Backup and restore your headphone stash.

Unleash the power of the headphone equalizer and bass booster combo. Fine-tune the frequencies to bring out the richness of your music while ensuring that every beat is felt. This dynamic duo ensures that your audio experience is heard and felt.

Say goodbye to the limitations of standard volume levels. An audio booster amplifier is your volume booster for headphones, providing an extra kick when needed. Whether in a quiet room or a street, ensure that your music cuts through with crystal-clear brilliance.

  • - Headphones Equalizer is now compatibile with newer phones
  • - Fix for broken Premium version purchase
Volume Booster for Headphones
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